Talking with Je'wel

  • How to get creative and STAY creative

    As we approach yet another month in quarantine, I'm sure some of us may feel that it is harder to gain inspiration and find the motivation to create. To help keep your imagination on 10, in this blog, I will give you three methods I use when I need to generate new ideas. Happy creating!
  • Let's talk business!

    How to start your brand in 5 simple steps It’s 2020… if you aren’t making money online, you’re missing out! Follow these 5 simple steps to help you...
  • What Does COVID-19 Mean For Creatives?

    Advice to help creatives persevere through the effects of COVID-19. Artist emergency funds, planning and goal setting ideas, and more.
  • Why "Black Jewels"?

    In this first blog post, I'll tell you a bit about my brand and how I got started!