Baby Keem Rides His Wave In ‘no sense’ | Why This Song Belongs On Your Playlist

Baby Keem is BACK with his latest single no sense, where the vibes are heavy & the feels are real. Journey with me as I explain to you who he is, how we got here & why you should pay attention.


Who Is Baby Keem?



Two phone Baby Keem is a hot up & coming artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Growing in popularity after his hit single Orange Soda & critically acclaimed project DIE FOR MY BITCH, he would go on to be featured in the 2020 XXL Freshmen line up. This exposure, as well as his stellar discography, would cement him as a face of the future.
Oh yea, & he’s Kendrick Lamar’s cousin. So, one could say it’s in his DNA. Did I mention he worked with Beyonce???

With this latest track, Baby Keem is in a state of confusion within his relationship.
The opening lines address whoever he’s involved with, stating “Are you mad at me? Are you irritated?” Then, tells them to not act out just because they’re out with friends. There’s someone else involved & Keem knows they only care about them clothless but, judging by the rest of the song, they don’t seem to hear it.
It’s a song full of lust, love, jealousy, & a healthy sprinkle of pain. Put its somber & soul-searchy atmosphere together with Baby Keem’s demanding yet nonchalant delivery, & you’ve got yourself a track worthy a few spins.


What’s Next?



This was Baby Keem’s second drop since the release of DIE FOR MY BITCH, the first being the pair hooligan & sons & critics. Both were much darker in tone in comparison to his latest release.


Although there has been no news of it yet, I believe we are on the heels of a new project.


Until then? Just ride the wave.

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