Black Creator Spotlight III

In the third installment of the Black Creator Spotlight, we have a selection of 6 awesome individuals to showcase. 

Billy Jean (Twitter: @SaturdayAir)

“Hi, my name is Billy Jean and I'm a Photographer from New York City. With the help of candids and street photography I try capture as much natural emotion as I can in each shot. My hope is that you also feel the same feeling too. I currently post on Instagram with the handle Saturdayair. I appreciate you taking the time to read this!“


Mora (


“My name is Mora im a self taught artist and high school student with an interest in surrealism. I first started making art to express myself. like using vibrant colors & playing around with facial features to create a feeling without words. Without art I wouldn’t be who I am today.“


Keyaira Majenta (Twitter: @KeyairaMajenta) 

“My name is Keyaira Majenta and my art brand is KeyToArt based out of Jersey. I do acrylic paintings, custom home crafts, sketches, stickers & host paint with a twist events. I also created a young artist family entitled Misfit, where young artist can develop their creativity & showcase their work. I have been a creative since a child & taught myself to paint in 2018. Looking forward to see what the years will bring.”


Khrystal Janae (Twitter: @KhrystalJanae)

“My name is Khrystal, I’m a 19 year old self taught artist! :) I’ve been doing art from since I was in kindergarten (it wasn’t the best haha but it was start). I don’t have a set style I like. I dabble in a little bit of everything from acrylics, to watercolours, graphite drawings, pastels and so on.. but my favourite is acrylic! I paint a lot of portraits because I think they’re the best for practice but I also paint landscapes, surrealisms, abstracts and more:) I have an Instagram page that I promote my art on ( my goal is to be able to paint and spread positivity through my art for the rest of my days.”


Sarah Collier (Twitter: @SarJoeee)

“My name is Sarah Collier. I’m from West Philly and I am a self taught artist (painting and drawing, for now). I am genuine and determined and anything I do, I do with a purpose. I am motivated by anything I go through. Art was always like breathing [to me]...”

Alena Jones-Craven (

“My name is Alena Jones-Craven. I’m an acrylic artist from Atlanta and currently reside in Philadelphia/Baltimore. my business for my art is called “Ruthless LLC.” I started in 2017 and I paint and design clothing. My art is my peace of mind and acts as my therapy and I have hopes that every piece can touch someone in a different way. My Instagram is @gxxnie/@shop.ruthless.”

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