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Black Creator Spotlight IV

The Black Creator Spotlight series has made a comeback! In the fourth article of the series, we will be showcasing 10 young Black entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams! 

QT Ogletree

Barnesville, GA

“KA$H is something my father always told me to do as an early seed. It stands for keep a $teady hu$tle. It's whatever you do to make a dollar. Keeping a $teady hu$tle will help you reach your goals, your dreams. Trust your gut.”

Azaria Woods 

Kannapolis, NC 

Instagram & Facebook: Cupcake Craze by Azaria

My name is Azaria Woods, and I’m a junior at UNC Chapel Hill. I’m from Kannapolis, NC, but I currently live and work in Tucker, GA. I have owned and operated Cupcake Craze by Azaria for 8 years, but I’ve been baking since I was even smaller than that. I make a lot of different homemade desserts including but not limited to cupcakes, cakepops, cookies, dipped strawberries, and cakes. I do ship, so if you ever need a gift or desserts for an event/party or just have a sweet tooth let me know! My instagram and facebook are both Cupcake Craze by Azaria. :)


Lonnie Swankss

Atlanta, GA


Lonnie Swankss is a duo that formed first out of friendship, but quickly transitioned to a business partnership when the 2 brothers decided to experiment with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. That first batch was a success so it led to a second batch which led to a third and then eventually the business was created. The duo were just having fun but once they saw the need for the product and the love was received, they continued to build and promote to the point they are now a nationwide success.

Ziana Pearson-Muller

Evanston, IL

My name is Ziana Pearson-Muller .I am a 21 yo self taught painter from Evanston, IL. I began acrylic painting my junior year of high school and I’ve grown to develop my website this July where I sell prints of my original paintings and merch !


Baltimore, MD

Twitter: @nacir_isnt

Howdy howdy, my name is Nathaniel but I prefer to go by Nacir. I’m a 20 year painter from Alabama but currently living in Baltimore. As an artist I like to create works that focus on both the big and little picture and can speak to the educated and uneducated viewer alike; pieces that can speak to the viewer whether they can understand it’s complexity or not.

 Ashley Monique 

Toronto, Canada

Art has always been apart of my life. I started painting birthday cards as gifts to now pursuing art as a career. Surrealism and Portraiture are my main interests. My inspiration comes from music, my dreams and observing life. I love exploring new styles of creating and constantly evolving.


Cleveland, OH

Twitter: @blvckiskng 

My name is Alijah but I go by the name of Lij. I’m a math tutor/teacher from Cleveland, Ohio, but I’ve been making beats since about 2014. I really started taking music production seriously in 2018, and this year I’ve released two beat tapes, “a l o n e” and “it’s never sunny in Cleveland,” both featuring artwork done by a few of my artist homies (@dandashoh and @JayyDeeeep on twitter). Both projects sort of share a common theme, depression, and making them was extremely therapeutic for me. I have another beat tape releasing soon, “PONTIAC,” a dedication to my car. This one will be a departure from the lofi melancholic sounds of the previous beat tapes, i.e. it’s full of bangers. I’ve actually been working on it since 2018 and have scrapped it 3 times, but I finally have a version that I’m ready to give to the world. My goal for 2021 is to keep working on my craft and to work with some local artists.


Gregory Quick (Gee Quee)

Shreveport, LA



“I was born in Indianapolis, IN & raised in Greenville, MS. I graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi where I got my Bachelors in Art & minor in Graphic Design. I currently live in Shreveport, LA & I work as an art teacher at a charter school. I’m a self taught painter & I also have experience in ceramics & graphic design, of course. My style of art is a reflection of who I am. It’s speaks to my true personality & the culture that I derived from. I always want my work to be original, unique & authentic to myself.”

Cameron Jermaine Lucas

Tampa, FL

My brand is Affaire Risquée. I’m 29, originally from San Jose, CA. I’m the oldest of 7 kids. I came from very humble beginnings which is how my creative appetite for fashion was formed. I went to college at Bacone College in Muskogee, OK where I gained my degree is marketing while running track on scholarship. This is where I met the other half of the brand Gil Bridges, we both ran at Bacone. Currently my favorite Tee is the [[FIF+TEE]] x Affaire Risquée, we put a lot into the design that challenges us all to look at 2020 and speak life into it regardless of what it may appear at the moment.

Enrique Cayette

New Orleans, LA

“My name is Enrique and I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana. I make jewelry, curate crystals, and more.”

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