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Happy Women’s History Month! | 5 Songs That Celebrate Black Women

Many argue that music is by far one of the best ways of expression. For years, people have been putting into lyrics their love, hatred, suffering, and most importantly their pride.

March is International Women’s Month. In honor of Melanin March, we would like to share with you a playlist that is about uplifting and celebrating Black women.

5. Don't Touch My Hair - Solange Knowles

People often think they are entitled to touch and play with Black women’s hair as if our hair was public domain. But, in this track, Solange is addressing the aggression Black women experienced by setting boundaries and limits to her life and her hair.

4. Black Woman - Danielle Brooks

In a world where everyone wants to have Black women features without having to deal with the social pressure, this song is all about inspiring and empowering black women; it addresses criticism Black women are facing and the lack of representation in the media by celebrating self-love and encouraging every other Black woman to do the same.

3. I Owe You Nothing - Seinado Sey

Black Women are often expected to be thankful when society is finally giving them what they have always deserved. With this song, Seinado Sey is addressing anyone who thinks black women owe them something and that they should do nothing but pleasing them.

2. Brown Skin Girl - Beyoncé

This playlist would not be about celebrating black women without this iconic song where Beyoncé is giving us reason to celebrate our skin and our beauty. This song is a good example of teaching our little sisters early so they can grow up embracing the real queen that they are.

1. Peng black Girl - Enny

Peng is a UK slang for attractive, sexy, exceptional, or awesome. Through this song, Enny is uplifting Black women of all shades, shapes, and styles while also encouraging them to show up as their higher selves because they deserve the best.

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  • Thanks for this. I’ll be adding to my playlist #MelaninMarch


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