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How to gain exposure as a creative- Find your audience and build your following as a creative entrepreneur.


Being a creative is hard but gaining the recognition you deserve can be harder. While your value is not determined by the amount of likes, comments, or subscribers you receive, they are definitely helpful in attracting more potential customers to you and what you do. While creating a name for yourself, keep in mind these three things to help increase your exposure! 

Get active on socials

Social media is fun, but it is also a very powerful tool when used properly. Posting anything at any time during the day can be enjoyable but when it comes to building a brand, a more stable approach will likely bring in better results. The first step toward doing this is creating a separate page for your craft. This way, you can still have the joy of spontaneous personal posts while keeping it separate from your business. Once you have a separate business page, it is critical that you build your brand. What does your brand represent? What do you want people to think of when they see your brand? What makes your brand different? When you have the answer to these questions, your brand page should reflect this. The images and graphics you post should align with the identity you’re building for your brand. Building a consistent brand image for yourself will make you more recognizable and memorable. To learn more about building your brand identity check out this article.  




We see it all the time from music artists...Collaborations are an easy way to gain exposure as a content creator of any kind. When looking to collaborate with another creative, it is important that you collaborate with someone who has a brand/audience similar to yours. This way, you can bring in new people who are interested in learning about you and your skill. A successful collaboration can not only help you expand your audience, but your skill set as well! Collaborations don’t always have to be projects, though. Something as simple as getting someone to repost your work in exchange for you posting their work could go a long way. Networking with like minded individuals is a major key to both personal growth and the growth of your brand. 

Promote yourself...CONSTANTLY!

At the end of the day, opportunities and customers are not going to fall into your lap. The reality of it is, YOU have to find your audience, they aren’t going to come to you! You have to do the research and promotion to attract potential customers. Use social media to your advantage. Take business cards with you everywhere you go. Get involved in your creative community. Interact with and appreciate the people who support you. Don’t be afraid to constantly promote yourself. No one else is going to do it for you! 

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