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How to get creative and STAY creative

If you create content of any kind, I'm sure you too dread the words "CREATIVE BLOCK"... *sirens blaring*

For those of you who don’t know, creative block (aka artist’s block, writer’s block, etc.) is the proverbial “brain fart” that a creative individual experiences; keeping them from being able to think of an idea to create upon. It’s normal and happens to everyone but that doesn’t make it any less of a PAIN in the BUTT. In this short article, however, I’ll share with you three ways I keep my imagination flowing and dig myself out of creative ruts, if need be. 

Follow artists who work in mediums outside of your own


As someone who has painted (just about) every single day for the past few years, sometimes I run out of ideas. Sometimes the block will only last a day or two; sometimes longer. One method I use to keep my brain full of inspiration and avoid the evil artists’ block is following artists of other mediums. Sometimes, we artists get too attached to our medium. This causes us to be slightly close-minded when it comes to creating. Experiencing and immersing yourself in art outside of what may be “normal” for you can do wonders for your imagination and creative abilities. For example, if you are a painter, familiarize yourself with the work of photographers, more often. I guarantee you will find inspiration for a color pallet, a new muse, creative concepts to work off of etc. A fashion designer may find inspiration from a potter; new ideas for silhouettes, textures, etc. EXPAND YOUR  CREATIVE PALLET.

Peep the pins


On this blog, we stan Pinterest. PERIOD. Pinterest is one of the most underrated social media platforms for creatives, today. I treat the app kind of like a search engine. Somehow, it magically pulls up content that you won’t ever find in a Google search. Scrolling through Pinterest, you are bound to find at least one image that sparks something in you.You can even use their filtering tool that groups together images where the subject is a certain skin tone ( a plus for all the Black creatives, out there).  If you need help on where and how to start, check out my Pinterest here. 

Pick a word, any word!


A fun “game” I like to play when I’m running low on creative juices is think of as many words as possible within 30 seconds and write them down. Once I do this, I go back into the list and pick out my favorite words. After sectioning off my favorite words, I use each of them to conceptualize an idea for a work of art. Sometimes it may just be a doodle. Other times, it can turn into a masterpiece. This method is not guaranteed to establish your million dollar idea, but it absolutely will get your creative thoughts flowing again and help you to challenge your imagination.


 Keep in mind though...


Please don't be too hard on yourself! We are in the middle of a pandemic and a lot has changed. I'm sure many of us are experiencing many mental changes, as well. There are a lot more things to think about and sometimes our creative ventures may not be a priority, and that is okay! Take your time to incorporate these methods into your routine and the creative ideas will be flowing again in no time. 


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