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Manifesting Your Goals: How to turn dreams to reality

Manifestation has become a popular buzzword in the modern social world. From B. Simone to every spiritual guru on Twitter, I'm sure you've seen it or heard it somewhere. Because the word "manifest" is sprinkled around everywhere, some may think it's a gimmick; but, it's real. In this article, I will share with you 3 simple steps you can take toward taking something from your mind to the world.  



Many of you may be familiar with the "Law of Attraction". This "law" states that what you focus on your mind on, you will attract. The only way you will be able to reach your goals is to believe that you are worthy of achieving them and that you will in fact, achieve them. The mind is a muscle that we sometimes forget to exercise. One way I like to train my brain to believe in myself is through positive affirmations


Positive affirmations are phrases that an individual repeats so often that they become ingrained in the mind. You say them so much that you actually start to believe it! This is why it is important that we always feed our brain with good thoughts; our memories are molded by repetition. 


I cannot say this is an easy task. However, it has been said that it takes 30 days to form a habit. Dedicate the next 30 days to affirming your own positive beliefs and notice the difference in your mental patterns. 



Some of us set goals and get way too attached to them; checking every moment to see if we've met the goal yet, stressing over how the goal is going to be accomplished, among other mental roller coasters.


However, think about this: when you plant a seed, if you repeatedly dig it up to see how much it's grown, it will never grow. When you allow the seed to undergo its growth process freely, the results will show themselves.


Our goals and intentions are just like seeds. While it is recommended to track your progress, it will not be of your best interest to obsess over every aspect along the way to your success. Once you have planted the seed (set the goal) and watered it (done the work to actually reach this goal), let go and be present. 



One aspect of the Law of Attraction that is often left out is the concept of giving to others. You cannot expect to receive in abundance if your heart does not wish to give in abundance. You have to put out into the world that of which you want to receive in your own life. 

Giving to others does not have to cost a lot of money; it honestly does not have to cost any money at all. You can give to others in many ways. Something as simple as giving someone genuine words of encouragement when they’re having a bad day is something a person at any income level can do to bring good into their lives. However, your sole reason for giving cannot be only to receive. Do it because you want to and it is what’s right! 


If you are resistant to giving, there will not be room in your heart to receive. When you open your heart and mind to sharing with others, you allow things to flow into and out of your life more freely. 




When you make a habit out of affirming positive things about your goals, detaching from your intentions, and giving to others, you will naturally attract success into your life. Though, no matter how many blogs you read, or how many workshops you attend, in the end, your success boils down to your actions. Do not think because you wrote it down and thought about it a lot that it will come true! Make sure you are putting in the physical work as well! 

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