Have You Heard of Nija Charles?

Introducing the soon to be songwriter of the decade...

Just because International Women’s Month has ended does not mean that Women’s history has.


Nija Charles is the 23-year old writer/producer who's responsible for some of your favorite hits. Nija started experimenting with music as a child after her mother purchased her a mini keyboard which led to much more. 

 She attended New York University where she would take on studies about music, production, and songwriting skills.

During that time between classes, she would post snippets of her music and promote it on her social platforms. After a while of consistent content many A&R’s and Label Exec’s began to notice her brilliance and melodic fluency.

 Nija came in contact with her current manager Christian McCurdy who introduced her to RCA Records A&R J Grand, who has worked with “New Boyz” and “Travis Porter”. J Grand flew her to Los Angeles where she would work with plenty of upcoming artists. 

  In the year 2017, she signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group where she would earn Grammys and write some of the most recent timeless hits such as “Ring” by Cardi B, “No Guidance” By Chris Brown and Drake, “Love Happy” By The Carters, A majority of Summer Walker’s “Over It” Album, and others that would go platinum


Next time you want to look up to the stars, don’t forget to look for Nija; her future is bright as the sun.

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